Tuesday, July 04, 2006

CD Forum's Food As Art gala

The Central District Forum held it's 2006 Food As Art fundraising gala on April 8, 2006, at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center on Seattle's beautiful waterfront. The CD Forum is a cultural organization targeting the production and presentation of African-American cultural programs that encourage thought and debate.

The gala featured a large variety of savory dishes presented by a number of Seattle's top chefs and caterers, many of whom are African American. When I moved to this city in 1989, the food scene was characterized by an unusually large proportion to top female chefs. Over time, however, an unusually large proportion of top African-American chefs - both male and female - have also appeared on the Seattle scene, much to the community's benefit. The Food As Art contributors included:

Andaluca - Wayne Johnson
The Café by Hillside Quickie - Makina Howell
Campagne - Daisley Gordon
Casuelita's Caribbean Café - Richard Dwyer
The Kingfish Café - Leslie & Laurie Coaston
marjorie - Donna Moodie
Osteria La Spiga - Sachia, Sabrina & Trisha Tinsley
Seattle Tennis Club - Antoine Calloway
Sessions with Chef Amadeus - Chef Amadeus
St. Cloud's - Michael King
That Brown Girl Catering - Kristi Brown-Wokoma
Villa Victoria Catering - Naomi Smith
The Wellington - Cynthia Hobbs


Paul Toliver said...

I am sorry I missed it. I won't next year. Oh yes, the photographer is pretty good also.

Anonymous said...

Nice job. Thanks for all the chef links.