Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lemon Lime Studio hosts Tim Eitel

On May 17, 2007, Berlin-based artist Tim Eitel was invited to dinner by Joseph Park, Alfred Harris, Victoria Haven and Fred Holcomb of Lemon Lime Studio in Seattle. Eitel was in town to give a public talk at the Frye Art Museum. Eitel is among the artists represented in Life After Death: New Leipzig Paintings from the Rubell Family Collection, exhibited at the Frye through June 3, 2007.

Tim Eitel & Frye executive director Midge Bowman

Seattle Art Museum's Chiyo Ishikawa (right)

Tim Eitel and Annie Han

Alfred Harris

Fred Holcomb

Victoria Haven

Joseph Park

Henry Art Gallery associate curator Sara Krajewski

Mark Takamichi Miller & Brian Murphy

Dan Webb

Yuki Nakamura

Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Seattle Art Museum opens to art community

Mimi Gardner Gates, Director, Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) held its Grand Opening on May 5 and May 6, 2007. Brad Cloepfil and his firm, Allied Works, served as lead architect on the project, which seamlessly integrates SAM's original Robert Venturi/Denise Scott Brown downtown building (opened in 1991). SAM continues to operate its original Carl Gould facility, established in 1933, as the Seattle Asian Art Museum, in Volunteer Park, along with the Olympic Sculpture Park, opened in January 2007.

A series of celebrations preceded the Grand Opening of the new downtown museum. I attended several of these events and took my camera to the Preview for the Arts Community on May 3.

View from entry area towards Brotman Forum area & Cai Guo-Qiang's Inopportune (detail)

View from South Hall toward SAM Taste restaurant & Brotman Forum (above)

Joseph McDonnell & SAM's Maryann Jordan

SAM's Michael McCafferty & The Suit

Ann Obery & Michael McCafferty

Michael Darling & Marisa Sanchez, SAM curators

SAM's Cara Egan & family

SAM's Sue Bartlett & Lisa Self (volunteer)

SAM Contemporary Art Council members Joyce Halldorson, Bruce Moore & Victoria Hindley (foreground)

Marlow Harris & Joyce Halldorson

Museum guests visit SAM Contemporary Art Council photo booth

Dee Dee Rainbow & Aimee Jacobson

Billy Howard, Howard House

Weldon Butler

Tom Gormally

Victoria Haven

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Deborah Hay & Stuart Dempster at What's Up

Sunday, April 22, 2007, was an unusually warm and crystal clear Spring day.

What's Up is a monthly Seattle gathering of people engaged in the arts, hosted by Anne Focke and Carolyn Law. Usually held in Anne's Belltown condo, this month's presentations, discussion and soup-based dinner took place in Carolyn's Green Lake neighborhood home.

Anne Focke & Carolyn Law

Anne brings the session to order and reads a poem

Deborah Hay

The first presenter was the principal of the Deborah Hay Dance Company. Ms. Hay described her goals and process through words and a lively demonstration.

Stuart Dempster

Next up was Stuart Dempster, who played several instruments, created sounds with sticks and was accompanied by two addditional musicians.

Stokley Towles picks up sticks

Buster Simpson waits for sticks

One person dozed though the afternoon's activities