Monday, October 16, 2006

Prospect of U.S. Desperado Delays Entry into Canada

I've crossed the United States/Canada border on my way to Vancouver about once a month for nearly four years. Canadian Trailways buses provide generally excellent service from the King Street Train Station in downtown Seattle to the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver, as a supplement to AMTRAK train service. The bus is faster and less expensive than the train, though lacking the train ride's exquisite coast views, more comfortable seating, food options and electrical outlets for dedicated laptop users.

Until Sunday, September 24, 2006, my many border crossings ranged between "smooth and easy" and "mildly painful." But on that date the crossing achieved "major pain in the butt" status, as we were delayed several hours. The unarmed Canadian border guards walked off the job on the report that an "armed and dangerous" person might attempt to cross the border. The Canadian guards, by contract, are allowed to walk away from potentially dangerous situations.

With time on my hands, I took out my camera and walked around the duty free store parking lot.

I decided to talk to the two most interesting people in the parking lot that day, making the long wait much more interesting.

Catherine & Sarah

Eventually, we made it through the border and arrived in Vancouver about four hours late.

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