Sunday, May 06, 2007

Margie Livingston at Greg Kucera Gallery

Greg Kucera & Margie Livingston

Seattle painter Margie Livingston exhibited at Greg Kucera Gallery from March 15 to April 28, 2007. Ms. Livingston is the winner of the Seattle Art Museum 2006 Betty Bowen Memorial Award. For a conversational introduction to Margie Livingston's art, check out The Stranger newspaper's podcast hosted by Jen Graves.

Margie Livingston & Denzil Hurley

Margie Livingston & Eric Frederickson

Brian Livingston

Brian and Margie are my favorite arguably right-brain/left-brain couple. Margie is the artist and Brian is the founder and publisher of the highly praised Windows Secrets newsletter.

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Anonymous said...

Shine some light on Margie. She deserves it. It's wonderful seeing two of her pieces in the new SAM.