Friday, June 29, 2007

University of Washington MFA Exhibition

The University of Washington School of Art holds its Thesis Exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery. Congratulations to the class of 2007: Nola Avienne, Jason Campbell, Celeste Cooning, Benjamin Eckman, Eric Elliott, Andrew Fallat, Julia Freeman, Andrea Gialer, Amanda Hanlon, Aitana de la Jara, Amy Johnson, Caroline Kapp, Kirk Lang, Fred Muram, Claire Putney, Mielle Riggie, James Ryan, Ross Sawyers, Michael Simi, Neha Tembey, Matthew VanHorn and Kristine Veith.

The photos in this posting are impressions of the exhibition opening event and reception. For insight into the ideas and expression of these young artists, look for the exhibition catalog, "Master of Fine Arts: 2007 Thesis Exhibition," available from the UW Art Department <206.543.0970>.


Anonymous said...

Nice series. These folks deserve to be seen. Good job.b

Anonymous said...

I found this site while searching for the website for UW's MFA program. I'm not certain what the event was, or whether these photos were the product itself, but I'm drawn to the energy in all of them, particularly the one of the gentleman in the orange sweater and the serene eyes. There is both a stillness and a movement in each one, and I'll bet these would work well in a gallery, subtly framed, if at all, and moderately lit. They speak for themselves. Thank you.