Friday, August 03, 2007

Okanagan Valley, BC - Day 1 & 2

With Liis relocating from Vancouver, BC, to Seattle soon, we decided to visit wineries and some of Liis' friends in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. We rented a car in Vancouver and a couple of hours later checked into the Spirit Lodge Resort and Spa, then had dinner at the resort's Passa Tempo Restaurant.

Spirit Lodge Resort & Spa

The next day, we begin our vineyard tour at the Quails' Gate winery.

Next was the spectacular Mission Hill Winery.

The winery's Chagall Room features a Marc Chagall tapestry

Then, we visited the Sumac Ridge winery.

Next was the Dirty Laundry vineyard. There is a story behind this winery's unusual name.

We closed out our first day of vineyard touring at Joie Wines and Farm Cooking School. Liis is a sommelier, as are Michael Dinn and Heidi Noble, Joie proprietors. Liis knew both of them in Vancouver, before they moved to the Okanagan Valley.

Michael Dinn and Liis

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