Monday, November 17, 2008

Clare Cowie & Yunhee Min at James Harris Gallery

12 Views, an exhibition by Claire Cowie, opened at James Harris Gallery on November 13, 2008. Comprised of works on paper, 12 Views is inspired by the work of 19th century Japanese painter and printmaker Hokusai.

Claire Cowie

Yoko Ott (left) & Claude Zervas (right)

Leo Saul Burk & Tabitha, Claire Cowie’s husband & daughter

Also opening on November 13, 2008, was an exhibition by Yunhee Min, a Korean-born and Los Angeles-based painter. Yunhee Min excels in the creative juxtaposition of form and color.

Yunhee Min

Yunhee Min and one of her paintings

Gallerists Scott Lawrimore and James Harris

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