Friday, July 10, 2009

Panafrican Cultural Festival - Algiers - 1969

The 2009 Panafrican Cultural Festival is underway in Algiers. The festival opened on July 5 and runs through July 20, 2009. More than 8,000 artists are involved in the festival. 

Forty years ago, I traveled to Algiers to attend an earlier edition of this festival and to explore the city with my camera:

The Black Panther Party exhibited in a storefront Afro-American Center.

Eldridge Cleaver (lower left)

Eldridge Cleaver (bottom)

Among the performers was Archie Shepp, creating the record “live at the pan-african festival.” A blogger identified as Valter posted his take on the festival and on the Archie Shepp performance, including a quote from Dave Burrell, Shepp’s pianist at the time.

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Kim said...

These shots are SO fantastic to see. Wow, what a moment in time you captured so well. I loved seeing your street shots and reading about Archie Shepp, seeing your shots with Eldrige Cleaver. Thank you for posting them to your blog. An absolute treat to see your work from then.

I see you went on the QA WWPhotoWalk. I was at the one at the Sculpture Park. We've got to get together for coffee and a photo walk one day soon.