Monday, August 31, 2009

Alison Keogh at Francine Seders Gallery

On the #5 bus moving towards Francine Seders Gallery, I noted a large dense area of green, bounded by a parking lot. When I ask the unusually good-looking young woman seated next to me whether it was a park and she replied “the Woodland Park Zoo,” it occurred to me that I need to get out of Belltown more often.

My gallery visit was for an exhibition reception of a show that includes my friend Alison Keogh and runs through September 27, 2009. Other artists in the show are Michael Howard, and a collaborative exhibition featuring the work of Gail Grinnell and Sam Wildman.

Another Alison Keogh exhibition was featured in this blog last year.

Art works by Alison Keogh

John Boylan & Alison Keogh

Alison Keogh & Michael Spafford

Alison Keogh & Emma Shultz

Robert Mang, Alison’s husband

Francine Seders

Near bus stop at N 65th & Phinney Ave N

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