Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Visit to Wacky Nut Farm

Liis has 14 years of professional dressage and eventing experience and has trained riders for national exams to become coaches in Canada. As a result, she wanted to visit Wacky Nut Farm, an equestrienne center on Bainbridge Island that opened in August, 2009.

On November 25, 2009, Liis’ friend Brigetta Delgado picked us up, accompanied by her dog Chulo. We all took the ferry to Winslow and drove to Wacky Nut Farm.

Brigetta & Chulo

Ulla Boysen lungeing the newest addition to Wacky Nut Farm

Liis Todd


BD said...

What a handsome dog!!! Do we get royalties?! Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

thanks for the great picture of my pony!

Anonymous said...

And what a handsome horse (He's ours)! He's the one checking out the dog.