Friday, November 09, 2012

Seattle’s Affordable Art Fair Opens

The Seattle edition of the Affordable Art Fair opened on November 8, 2012, in the Exhibition Hall, at the Seattle Center. The Fair runs through November 11. Fifty exhibitors are showing works of art. Most are from the United States, but others are from as far away as Ecuador and Japan. Beautifully set-up for the event, I’ve never seen the Exhibition Hall look so appealing. I'll visit the Fair again and recommend that you take a look, as well.

Mariane Lenhardt, director of M.I.A. Gallery in Seattle, next to three black-and-white photos by Malick Sidibé that I’ll be taking another look at this weekend.

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Karen R said...

Robert, these are some great photos of the fair! I've been working there as a volunteer and I haven't had a spare moment to take even a single picture. May I have your permission to use a couple of these images on my blog I will of course link back to here.