Saturday, June 10, 2006

Photo of museum banner support

The following image was captured at the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park in February 2006, after attending a reception celebrating the publication of Fired By Beauty, Barbara Johns' account of the world of Seattle cultural luminary Anne Gould Hauberg. Normally this objects holds a banner:

To correct for the low angle from which the image was captured, the perspective was changed in Photoshop. Other Photoshop corrections include: (1) a levels adjustment, (2) a curves adjustment for contrast, (3) a dodge/burn layer used primarily to darken the image left edges and (4) a modest sharpening:

The final image began with a raw capture from a Nikon D70, which looked as follows, before any adjustments:

The architect of the Seattle Asian Art Museum, built in 1933, was Carl F. Gould, the father of Anne Gould Hauberg.

--Robert Wade
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