Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jazz Port Townsend - Day 3

July 24, 2007

The vocal workshops continued today, including a lively performance featuring the three workshop instructors: Roberta Gambarini, Nancy King and Dee Daniels. Festival staff provide photo credentials, allowing me access.

Bassist and festival artistic director John Clayton introduces today’s faculty concert:

Jay Thomas, flugelhorn

Dawn Clement, piano

Terell Stafford, trumpet

Ingrid Jensen (right), trumpet

Steve Davis, John Clayton & Lynne Arriale

Gerald Wilson was a highlight of the festival. The great composer and band leader had several sessions in which he described his life in jazz, taught several classes on arranging and led a band in one of the festival public performances.

John Clayton and Gerald Wilson

Liis Todd and Gerald Wilson

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Anonymous said...

Nice series. Great shots. I love the picture of Gerald Wilson and Liis.