Monday, October 22, 2007

Jazz Port Townsend - Day 6

July 27, 2007

Roberta Gambarini presented a workshop on the song and how a performer infuses a song with meaning. Her accompanist for the session was pianist Tamir Hendelmen.

Roberta Gambarini

Tamir Hendelmen

After Roberta’s session, I attended a number of the student performances taking place throughout the day.

Later that day, the Jazz Port Townsend public performances began. People gathered just outside McCurdy Pavilion in anticipation. McCurdy Pavilion is a refurbished balloon hangar that can hold as audience as large as 1200 people. I attended two performances in the pavilion today. The festival also includes performances in Port Townsend clubs in the evening.

Radio personality Jim Wilkie and festival director, and bassist, John Clayton welcomed the audience to the festival.

Jim Wilkie

John Clayton

I caught a rousing set by the Houston Person Trio, featuring Houston Person on sax, Jeff Hamilton on drums and Atsuko Hashimoto on Hammond B-3.

Atsuko Hashimoto

Houston Person

I closed out my day with a performance by the Banda Brothers, led by Ramon and Tony Banda.

Joey DeLeĆ³n, percussion

Tom Catanzaro, tenor sax, and Francisco Torres, trombone

Chris Barron, piano

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