Thursday, January 24, 2008

California 2007 - Day 11

Today is the final day of the wine portion of our trip. We packed up and drove toward our final two stops.

First, was the Cuvaison Carneros Tasting Room. Liis and I love this room, because on our first trip to Napa together, it was set up as the Cuvaison Guest House and we slept there for a couple of nights. It’s a small contemporary structure in the middle of a vineyard and near a Cuvaison wine-making facility. The building was re-purposed as a tasting room a couple of years ago. Many thanks, again, to the team at Cuvaison for their hospitality.

Last stop before getting on the highway was Domaine Carneros.

We left the Napa Valley and drove Highway 101, Highway 156 and Highway 1 to Pacific Grove and our accommodations at the Lighthouse Lodge and Suites. After unpacking, we made the short drive to the Monterey Fair Grounds for the first day of 2007’s Monterey Jazz Festival. This is the 50th anniversary festival and the performers in the lineup are terrific.

The Monterey Jazz Festival features performances on multiple stages, including several grounds stages and a single arena stage. During the afternoon, Liis and I walked the fairgrounds, ate and caught a couple of performances on the various grounds stages.

Along Came Betty

Remembrance of the late singer Hydeus Kiatta

Anthony Wilson Nonet

Later that evening, we entered the arena stage.

Dave Holland, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Chris Potter & Eric Harland

Isaac Delgado Band

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