Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wedding Party

Liis and I were married in July, 2007. We celebrated with family and friends on September 1, during the Labor Day weekend.

Catering by Apulent

The Cellar Jazz Club’s Cory Weeds, his wife, Alana & parents, Betty & Bill Weeds

Park & Martha Woodworth, Daryl Thomas , Melissa Mullineaux & Charles Berry

Marita Dingus & AimeƩ Jacobson

Patrick Holderfield & Melissa Mullineaux

Julie O'Farrell

Liis’ father, Willard MacDonald & his wife, Mary, joined us via Skype.

Daryl Thomas

Anne-Marie Lake, Liis’ sister

Michael Spaulding, one of my Los Angeles home boys

My brother Alan Maddox

Kevin Lake & Liis’ niece Ella Lake

Ella as flower girl

Christine MacDonald, Liis’ mother


Lisa McDaniels, Daryl Thomas & Lori Mimms

Iman Zaki

Dwight Rivas

My niece Macani Toungara

Park Woodworth

Katy Stone

Charles Berry, Barbara Shaiman & Hernan Celis

Katy Stone, Joseph Park and his wife Deborah Gassner

Ed Kennedy, Vicki Brown, Bruce Moore and Alan Maddox

My sister Jeanne Maddox Toungara in the middle

My nephew Jamal Maddox

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