Monday, March 24, 2008

Celebrating Richard Andrews

This Spring, Richard Andrews is stepping down as director of the Henry Art Gallery, after 20 years in the position. Located on campus at the University of Washington, the Henry Art Gallery is the leading contemporary and modern art museum in the Pacific Northwest.

Colleagues, friends and family commemorated his tenure at a dinner and celebration hosted by Bill and Ruth True at Western Bridge on March 7, 2008. Richard Andrews’ 20 years of leadership have had a profound impact on the growth and development of the Henry and he leaves behind a potent legacy.

Richard Andrews

Richard (right) and his wife Colleen Chartier

The celebration theme was “Big Shoes to Fill”

Susan & Dennis Okamoto

Western Bridge director Eric Frederickson

John & Shari Behnke

Stephan & Catherine Roche

George Suyama (right)

Ruth True, James Turrell & Mary Ann Peters

Maggie Walker

Richard Andrews

Stewart Landefeld (left) & Jairus Stratton

Kim & Richard Manderbach

Smithsonian Institution’s Ned Rifkin addresses celebrants

Henry Art Gallery curator Elizabeth Brown (smiling mid-picture)

Betty Hedreen

Bill True

Liis Todd (right) - this blogger’s wife

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