Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jazz Port Townsend - Day 7

July 28, 2007

Saturday afternoon’s festival performances opened with a band featuring Joe Locke (vibes), Chuck Deardorf (bass), Jon Wikan (drums) Bruce Forman (guitar) and Thomas Marriott (sax).

The big doors in McCurdy Pavilion were open for Saturday afternoon’s performances, hinting at the building’s original function as a military balloon hangar.

Roberta Gambarini (vocals) was next up. She was backed by John Clayton (bass), Joe LaBarbera (drums) and Tamir Hendelman (piano).

Closing out the afternoon session was the astonishing Gerald Wilson, leading the Festival All Star Big Band. Born in 1918, this big bandleader, composer, arranger, educator, multiple Grammy award winner and National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master is a force of nature.

Last act at the 2007 edition of this deeply-satisfying festival was the Roy Hargrove band in the Saturday evening performance. Hargrove was joined by Justin Robinson (alto sax, flute), Gerald Clayton (piano), Montez Coleman (drums) and Danton Boiler (drums).

Until next year . . .


Anonymous said...

Great job. Very nice series.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Robert. Joe love the people in the North West, and will have a new cd out on Origin Records this Summer. Thomas Marrioitt will guest on a song.

In that photo of Joe and Thomas, it looks like Joe is beating him on his head!


Tom Marcello
Manager / Joe Locke

Anonymous said...

Good memories. Thanks.

It'll be festival only for me this year, after ten years of the workshop.

Steve Metcalf